is an innovative product for the rehabilitation of balance as well as the assessment of lower limb muscular symmetry and strength. K-FORCE Plates is easy to install and helps you exercise your balance through the newest Bluetooth Technology and real-time assessment, connected on your personal SmartPhone or Tablet.

Smart Force Plates

K-FORCE plates is equipped with Electronic Force Transducers and gives real-time acoustic and optic Bio-Feedback on your Smartphone or Tablet through the K-FORCE app. This product benefits of today's tendency on Internet of Things and Rehab-Gaming.

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The K-FORCE app's protocols will evaluate important balance and lower limb strength factors such as: left and right lower limb loading, balance proprioception, center of Pressure Control and Behavior, Max Strength and symmetry. Each plate has a surface of 320 x 160 mm and can record forces up to 150 kg (300 kg for the pair).
K-FORCE plates turns rehabilitation into a game, while giving important metrics to the doctor or trainer. It will also evaluate the progress in lower limb strength as well as symmetry through its intuitive app.
K-FORCE plates is lightweight and, therefore, mobile and can be used also by ambulant professionals, such as Physiotherapists or Personal Trainers.

Technical Features

  • Minimum Requirements Android 5.0+, Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Weight 1600 grams
  • Dimensions Each Plate 30 x 320 x 160 mm
  • Wireless Range Up to 20 meters
  • Max Force 150 kgs for one plate, 300 kgs both
  • Battery 5 hours of autonomy, 45 min of charging
Weight Distribution Plates

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