K-DELTA is a pair of portable triangular fully digital force plates equipped with 6 force sensors and a 1200 mm x 800 mm Center of Pressure sensing area.
K-DELTA is a unique technological product for your rehabilitation center or sports clinic. Through its innovative double triangular design, K-DELTA measures precisely left and right lower limb loading separately and calculates the Center of Pressure and Weight Distribution.

Maximum Flexibility

K-DELTA is a flexible tool. Thanks to its triangular design you can install it anywhere. You can also combine multiple K-DELTAs in order to create a pathway for Gait Analysis or a bigger polygonal area for the assessment of complex athletic movements. K-DELTA is an easy-to-use tool as it doesn't need any external power supply. Furthermore, K-DELTA benefits:

  • a simple USB connection
  • Possibility of connecting multiple KAPA-DELTAs
  • Simple and friendly use
  • an absolute security thanks to its high robustness
  • A design team always by your side
  • A very competitive price
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    K-LAB jump analysis

    Ready to perform

    Through the K-LAB software, K-DELTA Triangular Force Plates performs :

  • breakthrough Jump Analysis and evaluation of lower limb muscular force
  • clinical evaluation and practice of balance and mobility skills
  • Evaluation of lower limb symmetry, speed, power, rate of force development
  • Landing Stability and Reaction Time assessment
  • Technical Features

    • Aluminum or wooden surface
    • 3 to 18 strain gage force sensors,
    • acquisition frequency up to 1000Hz
    • Triangle side up to 1200mm, Minimum height of 60mm
    • USB plugging, no external power supply needed
    • Hysteresis <0,1% Full Scale Output
    • Linearity <0,1% Full Scale Output
    K-DELTA triangular force plates for balance rehabilitation