Custom solutions

KINVENT is specialized in designing tools for physical rehabilitation and sport biomechanics professionals. With our experience in sensors and human movement mechanics we can conceive and implement any specific tool you need..
Examples of instruments designed by KINVENT:

Custom Force Plates

Custom-made 3D force plates can be designed and manufactured by KINVENT, based on your specific needs for research, rehabilitation or sport training.

skales platy

Kite Surfing Sensors

K-SURFER is a tool developed for kite designers and athletes aiming the best performance on water, snow or buggy.

kite surfing force and power sensors

Video kinematic Analysis

Video analysis is a very important tool in sport science in order to detect and correct faults in sports technique.
In KINVENT we created our own software K-MOTION in order to produce advanced video analysis.

K-MOTION tennis

Dynamometric Gloves

Our dynamometric gloves with Computer Visual Feedback are developped for physiotherapists for research purposes.
K-PHYSIO is an easy-to-use portable tool that quantifies the progress of the patient through a computer feedback.

deltoide exercise dynamometric glove

Research on rhythm

K-RHYTHM, a custom-made research tool for rhythm measurment and evaluation as well as laboratory research on gait and clapping rhythm.

Rhythm analysis and evluation for gait and steps