Analysis of the Human Movement and Muscle Strength

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We can conceive and manufacture solutions to any challenge of sports biomechanics and physical rehabilitation.

Measuring tools for the physical abilities

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KINVENT is actively involved in the fields of physical rehabilitation and sports biomechanics producing precise measuring and training devices for the facilitation of every day and athletic movements.

We are the creators of a series of innovative products such as KFORCE, a network of amazing Connected Objects in Functional Rehabilitation as well as KLAB, products for the needs of biomechanics laboratories.

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  • "Sport's Physiotherapist, taking care only athletics patients, KINVENT products have naturally found their place both in the assessment and in the rehabilitation of my patients. Those tools allow an easy and regular progress monitoring but also an easy and accurate stance analysis. The use is intuitive and the software is steady evolving according to the users feedbacks."
    Pierre Montès
    Kinésithérapeute du Sport, Cabinet Kin&Sport
  • We bought the K-FORCE Muscle Controller for several months. The use is very simple and the connection with the tablet works well. The monitoring of the muscle strength evolvement is very interesting and allows to get quantification. The difficulty is to correctly reproduce the assessment's position for each test for the same patient. Perhaps the development of the a to fix it on machines or fixed points can solve this problem. In any case satisfied with the use of this tool in the clinic.
    Paulin Mitev
    Kinésithérapeute du Sport, Kiné du Rugby Club Massy Essonne (Pro D2)
  • "The K-FORCE Muscle Controller is the ideal tool to easily and objectively assess and strengthen a muscle or muscle group. The study of the gesture in running allows to highlight a deficit of control or strength of a muscular element. The goal will be to strengthen effectively and be able to measure progress in specific areas of rehabilitation. KINVENT meets my expectations. "
    Thomas Lorblanchet
    Masseur Kinésithérapeute D.E, Certifié en kinésithérapie du sport, Ostéopathe D.O.,
    Cabinet Pôle Kiné République, Enseignant à la Clinique du Coureur,
    Champion du monde de trail 2009 à Serre Chevalier
  • K-FORCE Muscle Controller : " We finally can calculate by a break test the strength of the hamstrings in procubitus, a lateral hip abduction and shoulder tests! It's fast and quantified right away! "
    Stéphane Martine
    Masseur Kinésithérapeute D.E, Spécialiste épaule et genou
  • "The lack of limb support or avoidance is a crucial criterion that is complicated to appreciate in dynamics unless having an obvious lameness. With K-FORCE Plates it is simple and audible : the patient reach the targets by increasing his support. I can customize the time, target and accuracy of the target area to add fun and be sure of the amount of support; and the patient has a feedback. "
    Stéphane Martine
    Masseur Kinésithérapeute D.E, Spécialiste épaule et genou

About K-Force

K-FORCE is the new product line for the assessment of the human force through precise dynamometry instruments.

  • is an innovative product for the rehabilitation of balance as well as the assessment of lower limb muscular symmetry and strength.

  • is equipped with Electronic Force Transducers and gives real-time acoustic and optic Bio-Feedback on your Smartphone or Tablet through the K-FORCE app.

  • is equipped with Electronic Force Transducers and gives you real-time biofeedback on your Tablette or Smartphone through the K-FORCE app.

  • is an innovative and versatile tool transducing pressure variation into a force measurement.

  • is an electronic bluetooth connected goniometer to assess, monitoring and rehab the range of motion of the main joints.

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