K-SENS IMU sensors network will give you kinematic data for measurements inside and outside the lab with inconditional practicality as you can analyse your athlete during running outside, playing football or swimming. K-SENS is also used for the evaluation and practice of mobility skills and posture in rehabilitation.

MEMS waterproof Sensor Network

K-SENS is composed by two or more wireless IMU sensors. these networks combined, create a network in order to fully analyze a complex human movement.

K-SENS records kinematic characteristics of human segments and analyze sports and pathological movements. It can capture unconstrained continuous movements of the human body over prolonged periods of time that could formerly be measured only as derivatives of locomotion parameters. It can also be synchronized with force plates and video.

Check publications made with K-SENS and its predecessors.

KDELTA KSENS force plate inertial sensors
Goudoulas twins with K-SENS

K-SENS applications

Through the K-LAB software, the K-SENS Sensors Network performs a complete analysis in various sectors :

  • K-SWIM, a K-LAB's part. K- SWIM is used in swimming technique analysis for the improvement of an elite athlete's performance
  • playful sessions, through real-time visual feedback on several posture tests
  • K-GAIT, a K-LAB's part. An ideal tool for gait analysis, inside and outside water. K-GAIT is a unique solution for rehabilitation, especially for therapies inside water.
  • Custom analysis (non linear analysis, single subject analysis, etc)

Technical Features

  • Outdoor and in water recording
  • MEMS sensors, 3-D gyroscope, 3-D accelerometer, 3-D magnetometer for every unit
  • Wireless communication
  • Rechargeable battery, up to 5 hours of autonomy
  • Can be synchronized with our KAPA-DELTA force plates
  • Up to 1600Hz sampling frequency
  • Dimensions: 35x35mm, height less than 30mm
K-GAIT gait and footstep analysis

Analysis of 10 footsteps inside water