is used for the evaluation of hand grip strength. You can assess maximum isometric strength as well as fatigue. Grip strength is very important in sports and in rehabilitation for grabbing, lifting and throwing and should be assessed often after hand trauma or surgery.

Easy Hand Grip

is equipped with Electronic Force Transducers and gives you real-time biofeedback on your Tablette or Smartphone through the K-FORCE app. Therefore, you can set strength objectives to your patient and motivate him through the process of rehabilitation.
You will, then, follow-up your patient's progress on Maximal Force, Endurance and Hand Grip Symmetry through the K-FORCE interactive database.

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has an ergonomic elliptic shape for a better grabbing with an external diameter from 40 to 45 mm and can record grip strength up to 70 kg.
is small, lightweight and, therefore, mobile and can be used also by ambulant professionals, such as Physiotherapists or Personal Trainers.

Technical Features

  • Minimum Requirements Android 5.0+, Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Weight 200 grams
  • Dimensions 40 x 45 x 120 mm
  • Wireless Range Up to 20 meters
  • Max Force 70 kgs
  • Battery 1h30m of autonomy, 15 min of charging
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